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The View from BELL ROCK – Supply Chain Control

We were reflecting upon our view, pre-covid; Our 2020 vision is focused on macro themes which drill down into investments that will provide long-term benefits to our clients. Each year there is a lot of noise that could potentially distract people from the core long term trends.

The View from BELL ROCK – Enormous Global Liquidity to Fuel Markets

Well, we have had more than our fair share of noise that certainly is distracting. We pivoted from the written prose to “Facebook Live” daily in March, and we continue to host weekly commentary on Wednesdays at 4:30PM – Bell Rock Capital Group On Facebook. Please join us!

Monetary Policy Remains Poised to Act. The Fed aggressively lowered rates, as the health crises became acute, to near zero earlier this year from 1.50%-1.75% and here it remains.  We do not expect the Fed to adopt a negative rate policy, although the US could experience flights to negativity from time to time.  What else has the Fed executed? In a nutshell, they have executed much of the heavy lifting.  For a while, the Fed and other Central banks around the globe were the only stimuli.  Their respective strong and swift actions provided confidence and liquidity to the global bond and equity markets.  As of June 2020, most G20 countries committed to fiscal stimulus with some at 3% of GDP and others at more than 21% of their GDP.  The US stood at 13%, according to  Maintaining liquidity during stress is a key component to keeping an orderly market environment so this remains an underlying positive.  The other key point is that the Federal Reserve and other Central banks stand poised to act if and or when additional action may be needed.

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