Investment Management

Based On Your Unique Goals

We go far beyond just investing for our clients; we are committed to being their crucial financial life partner.

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We are pragmatic, fundamental investors that use a variety of traditional investment tools to generate additional Alpha for our clients, such as covered call option positions. We can also provide customized covered call options strategies.

The Heart of Our Approach

Bell Rock’s core investment strategies are Growth & Income, GARP and Income & Capital Preservation:

A balanced approach designed for more moderate risk-tolerant investors interested in long-term capital appreciation. A value-based approach, SMID and large cap equities as well as ETFs. Fixed income securities are diversified by sector, structure and tax status.
A focus on growth companies that are considered a value given metrics such as PEG ratio, earnings growth, sustainability and market leadership. A combination of equities and ETFs may be utilized.
Designed for investors seeking income and a higher level of principal protection relative to typical equity markets. We utilize many kinds of fixed income such as corporate bonds and notes, municipal bonds, CDs and preferreds and trust preferreds, both investment and non-rated or non-investment grade depending on the situation.

Expanded Client Support & Resources

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We know everyone is unique. That’s why we provide the ability to customize a client’s portfolio using technology-based tools – according to their risk tolerance profile.

Additionally, our clients have their own individual account portals to view their performance and account information. These portals can pull in other accounts from other parties to provide a more comprehensive view of their financial outlook.